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Need for Learning

Learning to Learn

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 Learning to Learn

If only I prepare for what should happen, I am prepared for whatever happens to me. Never.
Antonio Porchia

The increasingly rapid changes and dizzying that are happening around the world keep us from static, therefore, we need new ways to address them personal and organizational.

For example, doubling every ten years the information and knowledge generated by mankind, while ten years becomes obsolete a quarter of existing information. This means that information is accumulating rapidly that we can not know, understand and assimilate, while much of the knowledge on which we rely to act, and are out of date.

The world has problems that can not be solved considering the way we thought when we created.
Albert Einstein

Currently the average life of companies in the world is thirty years, and will decrease as the century progresses. Birth and death sharply organizations. In the twentieth century, the educational system has been adapted and improved to be useful for manufacturing industrial economy, where jobs have been predictable for some time, which required skills and abilities already known. The industrial age has given way and the "era of service," where the needs, customers and markets change at a pace unpredictable. The economy has changed a lot and our educational and administrative systems have not been modified or 25%.

There is a major paradox in this age of information: There is so much information that practically drowns students, professionals and employees in organizations, but it seems that every day we are least prepared and informed. The education has taught us is based on the ability to remember and repeat information, so it is an education that has not developed the skills needed to function effectively in today's world.

In times of change, who are willing to learn will inherit the earth, while those who think they already know will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that ceased to exist.
Eric Höffer

People need to master the skill of learning to learn, organizations also need to become intelligent beings every day they learn new ways to be more competitive to ensure sustainability in the economic life of the globalized world in which we operate.

A key step in this is knowing how to learn, know how every human being, each team learns. Become aware of what are the trends and factors that inhibit learning and what are the trends and factors that facilitate it.
Learning to learn means to obtain, adapt and use procedures other people and organizations are using to learn. It involves a humble attitude to absorb the knowledge and experience that other people we can be transmitted.

Learning is not only a way to increase our skills, our ability to act. It is also an action in itself, requiring competence. So far, the emphasis was placed on actions that were learned, but rarely in actions that ensure effective learning. It teaches us many things, but we are not taught to "learn to learn."
Rafael Echeverría

Also means learning to learn and involves unlearning attitudes, that is, the ability to "drop" our mental models used over years and sometimes can become obsessive ways of doing things.


 The Ontological Coach as a facilitator of learning processes

The Ontological Coach question, with respect, the ways in which individuals and teams perceive their realities and situations change strategies to enable static, although in the past have given good results now can not give, for new possibilities of being and make them more effective in achieving the desired results.

To achieve more effective and well-being must challenge old ways of thinking, to learn how to practice "a new game", how to extend the ability to "see" and think, how to generate new possibilities for action, and get results, previous to ontological coaching intervention, might have been unthinkable.

If your mind is full of knowledge, you're always prepared for anything. If open, as beginners, are available to all. In the minds of learners are the most likely, in the minds of the experts there are few.
S. Suzuki

Sometimes it is important to imagine a future of long term, we are hoping not only of our actions today the immediate benefit, but we understand that some results come years after planting. On the other hand, we are currently filling of mental laziness, because modernity gives us information, "packaged" and ready for consumption. You do not question things and accept them without "chewing" and do not propose ideas that could be better than those published or accepted by recognized media. We abide by and use them, without thinking, installed in a convenience that will undoubtedly harm our development as individuals, professionals, companies and as a society.

Learning and creativity are the fundamental tools of ontological coaching. Learning to do. Be creative in order to meet one of the most important of all human beings designing our own life. We are able to create our own destiny, not blaming others for what we do or by what we do wrong. We can learn to create us and recreate ourselves!.


Ontological Coaching

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