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Benefits of Coaching

The Importance of Training

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 The Importance of Training

Any athlete or artist knows the importance of testing and training. Those who belong to football teams, bands, tennis, ballet, etc. train many hours prior to your specific activity. This allows them to achieve better results than if they were presented without prior training, and often, these results show excellence and fulfillment.

It is curious that in the business and professional world we may not be time or space to train. Nor in our personal lives. It is not because the business is more competitive than the sport, not because in our personal lives we do not have time ... is simply a cultural issue. The problem is that this action without training culture leads to high degrees of mediocrity, ineffectiveness and discomfort. We left the ring with a poor education, either with minimal knowledge or professional specialization, but without prior training and a lack of training on key issues:

  • We speak, read and write ... but we can not communicate.
  • We have a good logical intelligence ... but terrible emotional intelligence.
  • We achieved a certain development of our individual capacity, but we can not work together.
  • We developed our creativity or our proactivity, and our power of action.
  • We intend to be right, but we do not care for our relations.
  • Decide and judge, without technical or deep foundation.

And the list could go on for several pages ...

Ontological Coaching is a training that leads us to overcome these shortcomings and achieve extra-ordinary in all areas of life. It's not magic, but highly effective.

In companies where there have been ontological coaching training have shown the following benefits:.

  1. Improved performance and productivity: The coaching could not have had the growth we had but worked well in this regard. Coaching helps individuals and teams to put their best in the tasks they perform, rather than the traditional training in general fails.
  2. People Development: Developing people involves not only sent on short courses or workshops once or twice a year. The coaching gives managers an effective way to facilitate day to day development and retain talent.
  3. Improving learning: The coaching promotes learning without loss of time, allowing to achieve common tasks while neither the workplace.
    Improving relations: The very act of making a powerful question, adds value. If the questions are asked with the intention of helping others grow and improve, implicitly convey a message: "I care."
  4. Improved quality of life at work: The effective use by managers coaching techniques for the development of their people, they require a greater awareness in the answers they give to each of the circumstances presented in the workplace. Respect for values ​​such as humility, authenticity, responsibility, cooperation, trust has a direct impact on the welfare that people begin to experience as they pursue their work objectives.
  5. More creativity: The coaching environment encourages learning and discovery of creative alternatives to produce more effectively. The attitude of learning and dialogue, enables emotionality of creative enthusiasm instead of fear of ridicule, derision or disqualification.
  6. Better use of skills and resources: As one of the cultural pillars on which it seeks a culture that promotes coaching and learning is unconditional responsibility and integrity, promote and value the behaviors of those who pursue their goals for improvement using all resources, putting into action the best of their abilities, respecting their values.
  7. More rapid and effective responses to emergency situations: In an atmosphere in which people are valued for their ability to learn, initiative prevails, and when faced with an emergency or impevisto people take action and risks even before their heads, away from the place where such situations occur, tell them what to do. In a culture ruled by the fear of being punished before the error, no one moves without the explicit approval or request of his boss.
  8. Greater flexibility and adaptability to change: The essence of coaching is very steeped in the spirit of change and responsibility. Do what I did so far is not an effective strategy for improvement. It is increasingly evident that the flexibility and resilience are factors of organizational survival.

One study, conducted on coaching shows that 99% of respondents agree that coaching can deliver tangible benefits to individuals and organizations. Professionals also argue that coaching is an effective way of promoting learning, can have an impact on organizational performance and can provide benefits to individuals and organizations.

A recent survey showed that MetrixGlobal coaching LLC produced the 529% return on investment with significant intangible benefits to the company.

On a personal level ontological coaching has demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Learning to solve problems
  • Improve management and interpersonal skills.
  • Better relationships with coworkers.
  • Increased awareness of himself.
  • Better goal setting.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Improved quality of life.
    Improving communication skills.
  • Improved health or fitness.
  • Better relationships.
  • Learn how to identify and act on development needs.
  • To be more effective, assertive in dealing with people.
  • Have a positive impact on performance.
  • Better ability to see new perspectives.
  • Acquiring new skills and abilities.
  • Develop greater adaptability to change.
  • More life balance.
  • Lowering stress levels.

Ontological Coaching Today is the first and most effective form of development, both in business, professional and personal.

“Call Professional Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching or Corporate Coaching. Since this phenomenon is one of today's corporate services. " School of Business at Harvard University  


Ontological Coaching


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